One of the most overlooked signs of aging that can benefit from volume replacement is the sunken or hollowed appearance of the temples. Replacing volume to temples can help restore a more youthful-looking balance to the face.

Under Eye

Dark circles and “bags” under the eyes are a common concern that is often treated with surgery. Sometimes, this can lead to a more aged look. In patients where the under eyes are “hollow”, nonsurgical volume replacement can help achieve a rested appearance.


As aging occurs, the cheeks can loose volume. This leads to decreased support of the facial muscles resulting in deepening of the nasal folds and loss of definition to the jawline. Replacing cheek volume can help restore this support as well as reflect light in a way that it is directed towards and illuminates the eyes.


Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty (“Liquid Nose Job”) is a temporary way of reshaping and sculpting the nose for patients who do not want or have the downtime to undergo surgery. Fillers can be used to help create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance by improving asymmetries, bumps, and tip shape.


As our faces age, deepening of the nasal and marionettes folds creates a frame around the mouth that can lead to a sad, frowning appearance. The goal in treating this area is to soften these natural folds. Very often, in early to moderate aging, these areas can be improved without a facelift by using injectable fillers.


Lips are one of the most highlighted features of the face. As with all facial cosmetic treatments, sculpting of the lips takes skill, experience, and artistry. Dr. Karolak’s approach is to elegantly shape, volumize, and hydrate lips. By taking into account each patient’s complimentary features and facial structure, Dr. Karolak creates a result that is balanced and attractive.


A small or recessed chin can contribute to fullness in the neck as well as a “weak” profile. For patients who do not want to undergo surgery for a chin implant, nonsurgical chin augmentation and shaping can be performed using injectable hyaluronic fillers.


When volume loss affects the Forehead, the brow can start to look heavy or develop deep lines. This often leads to a tired or angry appearance. Volume replacement may be able to help, especially where botox fails.


One of the most common signs of aging in the face is loss of definition to the jawline and jowling. For patients who are looking to improve their jawline nonsurgically, injectable fillers can often be used to create a more defined look.


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