Just like every face and aging pattern is unique, so is Dr. Karolak’s approach to facelifts. Although the basic principles that he uses are the same in most cases, Dr. Karolak modifies his approach for each patient based on their unique aging pattern. He uses a facelift technique that often incorporates a cheek lift, depending on his patient’s facial volume and bone structure. The procedure that he has developed over the years, has consistently provided his patients with a more youthful, natural-looking face and jawline.

Very often patients are looking for a solution to their aging face without having to undergo surgery. Nonsurgical treatments are effective in treating early to moderate skin looseness as well as different amounts of volume loss. But there comes a point in time when there is a significant amount of muscle looseness that is causing a patient’s face to appear aged. Unfortunately, there are no nonsurgical treatments that will fix muscle looseness. Most often, nonsurgical procedures promise surgical results but leave this type of patient with little, if any, visible improvement. When muscle laxity is a main reason for the aging pattern, surgery should be considered.

Neck Lift

As the neck ages, some of the more common signs include neck bands, a “waddle”, or a “turkey neck”. Very often this is most visible from the side, especially in unexpected, candid photos. Since the sagging is caused by a combination of muscle laxity and excess skin, a Neck Lift is worth exploring if you are looking for a tighter, more defined neck line. A Neck Lift by Dr. Karolak, is a customized procedure performed comfortably under local anesthesia. It can be combined with a lower facelift and liposculpting for a more comprehensive neck rejuvenation.

Mini Lift

A Mini Facelift (Mini Lift) is a smaller version of a Facelift that focuses primarily on tightening of the jawline. It is a procedure that is worth considering for younger patients who have been disappointed by the results of nonsurgical treatments. A Mini Facelift by Dr. Karolak is performed under local anesthesia to help improve jowls, marionette lines, and in some cases, neck looseness to achieve the natural looking results for which he is known. The benefit of a Mini Lift is that it can be performed quickly under local anesthesia and the results can be much more consistent, visible, and longer lasting compared to nonsurgical facelift treatments.

Upper Lid Lift

An Upper Eyelid Lift ( Upper Blepharoplasty ) is a powerful yet subtle way of re-framing the eyes if you have excess eyelid skin. An Upper Eyelid Lift by Dr. Karolak is performed under local anesthesia and designed to take into account the way your eyes used to look in order to achieve a natural result. For those who are used to having full eyelids, volume preservation is very important. For others, fullness or puffiness of the eyelids can occur with aging. In these patients, volume reduction may be necessary to restore a more youthful, rested appearance. The key is to find the balance and remove only the excess.

Lower Lid Lift

The finesse in performing a Lower Eyelid Lift ( Lower Blepharoplasty ) involves knowing how create a smooth transition from the lower eyelids to the cheeks. The key is to find the balance and remove only the excess. A Lower Blepharoplasty is worth considering if you feel that you look tired because of under eye “bags”, excess skin, wrinkles, dark circles, and “tear troughs”. Dr. Karolak often uses a combined approach to eyelid rejuvenation under local anesthesia that may include laser, fat transfer, volume reduction, your own stem cells and growth factors to create a more youthful, rested appearance.

Brow Lift

With aging, the brow can become heavy because of muscle weakness, volume loss, or skin excess. As a result, the eyebrow position may become low, creating a “hood” over the eyes. In some people, this can give the appearance of being sad or tired. Dr. Karolak uses a conservative approach to Brow Lift measured in millimeters. This involves determining how the brow used to look, deciding on which technique to use, and repositioning it for a subtle, refreshed look.

Acne Scar Surgery

As with other types of scars, the lingering effects of acne scars are often as emotional as they are physical. Unfortunately, once there is scarring, you cannot get the skin to go back to the way it was before. However, many times we can help get it to look better and hopefully to a point where you feel more comfortable in social situations. Acne Scar Treatment by Dr. Karolak involves a comprehensive approach to help rebuild the skin using combined treatments which may include TCA cross, Fat Transfer, aggressive subcision, life-long topical skin care, fillers, Fractional CO2 Skin Resurfacing, and your own stem cells, growth factors and PRP to leverage the body’s ability to heal and rejuvenate. As with all of Dr. Karolak’s treatments, his plan for acne scars is specifically customized for each patient and takes into account many factors including their goals, degree of scaring, commitment, and previous treatment history.

Fat Transfer

With aging, our faces lose volume which results in less light reflection and more shadowing. This volume loss is one of the main culprits in facial aging. The eyes become more hollow, the cheeks become flat, and the nasal folds deepen. The face starts to appear deflated and sunken. As a result, the muscles lose some of their support. Dr. Karolak uses your own fat, which is rich in stem cells and growth factors, as a “Natural Filler”. His technique focuses on respectfully replacing volume loss and restoring facial support without over-filling. The benefits of Fat Transfer by Dr. Karolak include natural-looking, longer-lasting results that also compliment many of the other rejuvenation procedures he performs.

Ear Lobe Repair

As we age, the earlobes can become thin and stretched, making the ears appear larger. For some people, torn ear lobes or large earring holes can significantly limit the style of jewelry that can be worn. Dr. Karolak uses a variety of approaches to treat and rejuvenate ear lobes under local anesthesia including laser, volume replacement, Ear Lobe Reduction, and Ear Lobe Piercing Repair.

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